Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The RFIDSA's View of the RFID Marketplace

At last week’s RFID Security Alliance meeting we had open discussions about the effects of RFID readers becoming ubiquitous and the state of the RFID marketplace.

Aim Global’s RFID Connections recently spoke with Reik Read, senior analyst for Robert W. Baird & Co., about RFID and the economy. They posted this podcast at the same time the RFIDSA was meeting and it was interesting to see that there are strong overlaps between the thoughts of our members and a leading analyst. You can read/listen to Reik’s interview here.

Here are the highlights from the RFID Security Alliance marketplace discussion:
• Up to 6 months ago, RFID projects were on hold but they are now starting to pick back up.
• There is a shift from exploring RFID to problem solving, i.e. automating to reduce costs, errors and staff.
• The RFID technology is now ready for prime time and the costs of tags and readers are coming down. New products are being developed that will make implementations better: i.e. readers with higher sensitivity, multi-directional tags and more security functions.
• As the role of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration changes and becomes a fully empowered agency, they will be looking at food traceability so RFID will grow.
• Ultra Wide Band is getting more traction around sensitive equipment like in hospitals.
• Several members are seeing more overseas (rather than US) activities, especially for asset tracking.

Of course, our members continue to think that security is an significant issue related to RFID. I was glad to see Reik Read highlighted it as an important issue too.

What are your thoughts about the current RFID marketplace? We invite you to add your comments.

Contributed by Joanne Kelleher, SecureRF Corporation
RFIDSA Marketing Committee

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