Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Privacy vs. Security on the DASH7 Wireless Sensor Networking Blog

The concepts of security and privacy are related, but different, and people often confuse the two issues. SecureRF’s CEO, Louis Parks, tackles this topic in his first posting for the DASH7 Wireless Sensor Networking Blog.

His post, Privacy vs. Security, lays down a foundation on what is security versus privacy, in a general, non-specific product way.
Future postings will cover:
  • “What is security?” and describe related tools and functions.
  • How you put these tools together to create security protocols that address real world issues.
  • Security on a DASH7 platform.
  • Addressing and describing the security needs and solutions for different applications and industries of interest to the DASH7 Alliance.
Pat Burns, President of the DASH7 Alliance, starts the conversation with his posting - Introducing Louis Parks.
The DASH7 Alliance was formed to advance the use of DASH7 wireless data technology by developing extensions to the ISO 18000-7 active RFID standard, ensuring interoperability among devices, and educating the market about DASH7 technology.  SecureRF is now a member of this organization.


Inder Singh said...

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Louie Donovan said...

Well said, RFIds can have both advantages and disadvantages. Its boon is it provides more product security and tracking while its bane is invasion of privacy by an individual, organization and the government. The so called "big brother" pertains to the government that uses such technology and implanted RFIDs.

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