Thursday, January 7, 2010

Karsten Nohl to Discuss Hacking Mifare and other 'secure' RFID on 1/13/2010

The RFID Security Alliance has changed the format of their monthly meetings and will now start with a discussion of a topic of interest. On January 13, 2010 researcher Karsten Nohl will mark the 25th anniversary month of declaring Mifare insecure by leading a discussion about Mifare and several other types of 'secure' RFID which have been broken in the meantime (HID, Legic).

Questions to be covered include:
  • How have the hacks on the Mifare transit cards impacted new projects?
  • How have existing systems been protected?
  • What is status of Mifare Plus?
  • How have other systems been broken?

Karsten bridges the three worlds of academic research, hacking, and industry. His academic research with the University of Virginia focuses on privacy protection in large networks. His hacking projects-- at H4RDW4RE in the Silicon Valley or with the CCC in Berlin--assess (and usually break) proprietary cryptography. Finally, his consulting job at McKinsey helps him understand why corporations often choose technically inferior solutions.
The meetings can be joined in person in California or via conference call. If you want to participate in next week's call (Wednesday, 1/13) on this topic, you are welcome to join us at 10 AM PST / 1PM EST. After this discussion and an open Q&A you can stay on the call for RFIDSA internal business topics if you wish.

Dial in Phone Number: 218.936.7999
Access code: 413685# (Follow the prompts)

RFID Security Alliance meetings are usually scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month at 10 AM PST / 1PM EST. More info about the RFID Security Alliance is at or via the LinkedIn Group at

Contributed by Joanne C. Kelleher
RFIDSA Marketing Committee

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roman hossain said...

I am using Mifare Plus cards instead of Mifare Classic and communications fail. It looks as if the Plus cards must be nearer to the reader than the Classic cards.