Friday, October 2, 2009

Message from the incoming Chairperson

As the incoming chair of the RFID Security Alliance I want to thank all of those individuals who have contributed to the success of the Security Alliance. The Alliance represents perhaps the most knowledgeable group of individuals in the RFID community who have voluntarily come together to share ideas and start a long process of providing security improvements to our technical community and to the public at large.

Given ehealth mandates, the pharma-industries concerns over counterfeit drugs, and the food industries focus on tracking and tracing the perishable supply chain, RFID and RFID security issues will be more in the forefront of corporate thinking than before. The Alliance will be scheduling presentations and enlisting members to present topics that will be focused on industry wide issues during the fourth quarter 2009.

In addition we are starting a membership drive to ask for contributions to cover the legal costs to convert the organization to a non-profit status. This status will enable the organization to qualify for federal , state and local grants for RFID security issues and research. So if you can contribute send an email to our Secretary/Treasurer Anna Haight ( In all cases your energy and expertise are greatly appreciated.

Michael McCartney
RFID Security Alliance

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